The company is mainly engaged in various types of shock absorption and noise reduction, isolation, filling, buffer and other products, may divided into six kinds:


1, Locomotive Spares:

including first and second suspension products, all kinds of bushings, bump stops, couplings and other molded products, such as ducts, boots, clamps, etc.;

2, Engineering Machinery Products:

including damping block, mount, engine mount, track shoes, etc., which applied in road rollers, pavers, road work vehicles;

3, Mining machinery products:

a variety of impact discs , weather seals, etc., providing products that meet the requirements of FRAS;

4, Oil hydraulic shock absorber products:

including a variety of ball joints, bushings, rubber rings, spring washers , etc.;

5, Rail ancillary products:

including all kinds of HDPE, EVA, rubber pads, shims , etc.;

6, Other industrial parts, sports and fitness equipment accessories:

 including the terminal cap, lifting ring, etc.;


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