1. Suspension Springs
Keywords: GE Parts,EMD Parts,SIEMENTS Parts,Bombardier Parts,ALSTOM Parts,Bolster Mount, Bolster Spring, Side bearer, Suspension Mount, Traction Pad, Rubber Spring, Shear Pad,Bushing,Links,Suspension Pack;
Description: Primary suspension and secondary suspensions for locomotive, rolling stock and vehicles, elastic couplings, link bushes, suspension for motors, pivot bushes.

Keywords: Engine Mount, Elastic Support, Mount, Wheel Mount, Resilient mount, Isolator
Description: Provide various designs to meet the requirements of different vertical, longitudinal and lateral stiffness. The products are widely applicable in various vehicles, engineering machinery, equipment, instruments, and so on.

Keywords: Bush, Bushing, Link Bushing, Traction Rod, Elastic Bushing, Silent Bushing, Suspension Link, ball joint
Description: Rubber or rubber to metal bushes providing a flexible connection, which can reduce the vibration and shock in radial, axial, tensional, bending direction, provide a variety of structural designs to meet the required or specified design stiffness.
The products are widely applicable in railway rolling stock, automobiles, engineering machinery, and so on.

Bump stop
Keywords: Bump stop, Buffer,Position Limited Device,Impact pad,Impact Disc;
Description: rubber or rubber to metal or non-metallic material bump stop to function as a buffer and for shock absorption; provide a variety of structural designs for different nonlinear characteristics.
The products are widely applied in railway rolling stock, automobiles, engineering machinery, and so on.

Keywords: Dust Boot, Telescopic Boot, Rubber Duct, Rubber Boot, Air Duct
Description: Supply various rubber boots, rubber dust boots, air ducts for sealing of piping and equipment with excellent elasticity, abrasion resistance, weathering and aging resistance.

Description: UV resistant rubber and plastic- HDPE, LDPE, EVA, etc - pads or shims of different thicknesses, dimensions and specifications for packing or leveling track or machinery components.
 The products are extensively used in railway, metro and machinery equipment.

7.Other products

Description: Designs utilizing different materials and structures to meet desired application requirements;

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