About Us

Guangzhou Winlane Material Technology Co., Ltd is located in Huadu District who has a name of "Automobile Industry Park".
Winlane is mainly engaged in reaching, developing and manufacturing various rubber products, including pure rubber products, plastic components, rubber to metal composite products, rubber to other non-metal composite products. Those products are widely applied in fields such as various vehicles, mechanical equipments, electrical equipments, home electrical appliances, railways, instrumentations. They have functions of shock absorption and noise reduction, isolation, filling, buffer, sealing and insulation.
Winlane has a strong scientific and technological team, whose professional cover rolling stock dynamics, hydraulic technology, mechanical engineering and material science. We also strengthen partnerships with universities and strategic technology parties to exchange and cooperate. So we have good technology accumulation and technical support in composite technology of rubber materials, rubber to metal or plastic, and so on. We can make matching design for the structure and performance of various products according to customer requirements. Through the formulation design of materials, the overall improvement of processing conditions and methods, and using simulation technology to analysis, our products can meet different performance requirements and using conditions.
From formulation design to product molding, our products pass rigorous chemical detection and analysis, equipment detection and analysis, physical detection and analysis, performance detection and analysis and reliability test analysis. The standard of products is fully in line with series of standards from ASTMD2000.