Vision & Idea

Anti-vibration    Noise Reduction
Isolation         Buffer  
Sealing           Insulation

Customized and professional designs
Simulation testing
Pursue excellence in quality
Sound, quieter and more reliable product

Vision & Idea
Company Vision
By focusing on the application of rubber and plastic as well as new materials and  design of products, Winlane strives to be a leading supplier of refined, highly reliable and professionally engineered elastomeric products and to promote the application of anti-vibration engineering

Company Assurance
Striving for perfection and service with honesty

Company  Concept
Manufacturing Idea -- high quality, competitive and streamline production;
Design Idea -- Market-oriented, in line with international market and rapid response, Talents Idea --" Respect for individuality, harmony and joy ";
"Best opportunity and Best effort", provide opportunities for staff.
Work Idea----" Dedication and perfection "

Company Values
Satisfying work and happy life! Respect for individuality, equality and harmony!